Residential Courses

Residential Activity and Education Course at Thurston OEC.

Thurston OEC is owned and operated by South Tyneside Council. We have been providing adventurous activity and educational courses for over 30 years.

Sit on topsWe believe that the outdoor adventure environment and the residential experience provide the most powerful framework for developing young people, particularly in the following areas: motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-concept, decision-making, communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, time management, goal/target setting, prioritising, self-evaluation and review, compromise and negotiation as well as communal living. The course will allow students to develop, in a real setting, the concepts of responsibility, adventure, awareness, trust, co-operation, community and an understanding of safety and risk.

& restA course at the centre is, therefore, not a holiday but a rich and varied learning experience with the emphasis on fun, adventure and learning. It will involve tailored outdoor adventurous activities as well as helping with the day to day running of the centre by performing such tasks as making beds and keeping the place clean and tidy.

Student accommodation is in small dormitories equipped with bunk beds. Showers and toilets are within the main building. For fully catered courses, all meals, starting with Monday evening meal for a five-day course and Saturday breakfast for a weekend, are provided. Students have a packed lunch every day. We can cater for special dietary requirements and the food provided is prepared on site by our knowledgable and experienced catering team.

Further information and pre course paperwork can be found in the Resources section. If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.