Drowning Prevention Week 2020

RLSS UK has launched its new online water safety toolkit, ‘Lifesaver-Lifechanger’ that aims to give the whole family the confidence to perform rescues and keep themselves and others safe around the water. With the current lockdown laws in place, enjoying the home, garden and water, safely is more important than ever before. 

Every year across the UK and Ireland, around 700 people lose their lives in water-related incidents, with most of the incidents being completely avoidable. Did you know that 43% of people would jump into the water to save somebody from drowning, an instinct that is often life-threatening and has led to many further heart-breaking incidents

Find out how to become a Lifechanger at  www.rlss.org.uk/lifesaver-lifechanger

With access to the RLSS UK’s new online water safety toolkit, Lifesaver-Lifechanger learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe around the water. 

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